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About us

We are a team of highly skilled Data Scientists, Deep Learning Experts, Developers, and Cyber Security professionals. We are a company that cares about the Truth in all matters and providing and protecting a Free Press for all people. TruthSetter is a platform dedicated to transparency at every fact-checking stage empowering the public with the capability to fact-check using our proprietary tools. We provide the public a platform to exercise social responsibility that cuts through ideology and rewards integrity based in facts. We encourage self-governance, civil discourse, voting and consensus for the sake of factual truth based in evidence and absolute transparency in real-time.

Our Team

Julie Wright Smith

CEO, pioneered the fact-checking industry by creating the only crowd-sourced, fact-checking online media platform combating misinformation; a platform built on the premise of providing a Free Press to all people. Julie received degrees with high honors in English and Communication and began her career in technology working as a Systems Engineer at IBM, founded and successfully marketed a woman's organization celebrating achievements and promoting collaboration in business, science, education and philanthropy. Julie is using this diverse background in technology, brand marketing, writing, communication and relationship building skills across cultures to promote TruthSetter as the revolutionary solution to today's media misinformation, fake news crisis. Julie is a member of Women In Technology for the greater Washington, D.C. area as well as Poynter.

Richard Smith

Technology Advisor, is a CTO and Vice President for an international multi-billion dollar IT services corporation. He is a cyber security expert and previously served as a CISO for a large Federal Agency. Richard serves as an investor and Executive Advisor for two technology startups. He is also a Veteran of the United States Navy and retired after 24 years as an Information Warfare Officer.

Azunna Anyanwu

Development Advisor, is an IT Director for a global consulting firm. He is an Agile expert and has significant experience implementing technology solutions for Federal and State Government agencies.

Danny Cometto

Development Team, is a software engineer and founder and president of a software consulting firm. He has been involved in professional software development for over 25 years, leading teams to develop applications ranging from the smallest database applications to large enterprise and commercial applications. Danny received his Electrical Engineering degree from Virginia Tech.

Wesley Naslund

Development Team, is a software engineer that specializes in building full-stack web applications. He has experience programming applications for the Salesforce cloud platform.

William Naslund

Development Team, is a software engineer with experience in full-stack application development. He has specialized experience in API design and dev-ops implementations.

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TruthSetter Services are all accessible from our patent-pending platform. Services combine social sciences, gamification and the latest in deep learning.

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Our Commitment

TruthSetter and its Founders refrain from any direct involvement in political parties and advocacy organizations. TruthSetter is committed to being a fair, non-partisan organization and does not endorse or support any political candidates. TruthSetter’s technology platform is self-funded. We are committed to only seeking venture capital from non-partisan investors. TruthSetter prides itself on being an all-inclusive fact-checking platform built on the precept diversity with civil discourse is our common strength, truth set in facts our foundation.